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Direct Billboard

Advertise locally in your area with us. We partner with local businesses to show off your brand.

Current Promotions


Location: 6518 GA-85, Riverdale, GA 30274

Currently we have a 5 min window to fill with business ads. These will be ran on repeat for customers to see while they dine in or pickup orders during the locations operating hours. As a established and core business in our community this is a great opportunity to grow your business.

Slots are purchased on a per month biases.

10 sec slots cost $150 each

20 sec slots cost $225 each

30 sec slots cost $300 each

To get started text or call 404-889-2762


Currently we aim to fill a 5 min window. This means at our max capacity your ad will be show 12 times in an hour.

We currently don’t offer shorter subscription slots.

Our primary payment system is Square which mainly takes debit or credit card.

Maylink Advertisement aims to unify and support the local community to invest into itself. We are not aiming to compete with other advertising platforms but to offer an alternative opportunity. We are experts in working with small businesses. Instead of investing in external companies you know that your money is being used in the local economy.