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Meet Nicholas Hicks

Recently the folks at CanvasRebel.com did an interview with me about my Entrepreneur journey and some of the crazy stories I had to tell about it. I really appreciate the opportunity and happy to share my experience with anyone interested. You can read the full article here or go to https://canvasrebel.com/meet-nicholas-hicks-2/.

Here is a snippet from the interview “I am really proud of how I gain lifelong clients that trust my work and build bonds with them so they understand their success is also my success. Wither it is fashion model or business owner I put in my full experience and expertise so that we can produce the best results for my clients.” I would highly suggest you take the time to read the full article.

I would also like to the chance to thank CanvasRebel and all their hard work. Once again check out the full article here.

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